From York Graduate to Magazine Founder: An Interview with Stephanie Roberts

Elizabeth Baker

Want to be up to date with York’s indie arts scene? You need to hear about The Record Press.

The Record Press is a new and exciting magazine dedicated to combating elitism in the arts and inspiring artists at all levels and mediums. Partnered with the York-based record label, Waham Records, The Record Press is run by one of the University of York’s own, Stephanie Ornithari Roberts. As Founder and Editor, Stephanie chatted with me about the magazine’s inclusive ethos, and future plans!

How did you move from being a student to starting your own magazine?

It wasn’t a deliberate transition, I originally wanted to do a Ph.D. because I wanted to be surrounded by creatives. This magazine has taught me I don’t need a Ph.D. to do that, I think academia sometimes makes you feel like academic publishing is all that matters. Starting my own editorial magazine has been completely liberating, I have been inundated with rejections from publishing houses, magazines, etc. and I realised, why am I waiting for permission to use my degrees? I couldn’t get a seat at the table, so I’ve built my own.

What is your ethos?

Every magazine issue considers interdisciplinarity and economic fairness. There is far too much elitism in the Arts world… As an interdisciplinary master’s student, I learnt that the arts are a wonderful mishmash and I hope the magazine represents the realistic crossover of the arts. Finally, affordability is always something I’ll take into significant consideration. All creatives invest in their art, and far too often they are abused because they are desperate for work. That is something I want to change.

On your website, you don’t limit yourself to music, instead including “all things creative culture.” How do you value music’s interaction with other art forms?

Lyrics are like poetry, poetry’s rhythms are musical, music is imaginative, imagination is the beginning of art. For me the arts all beautifully intertwine, to create a cultural arena where creatives can all meet and inspire one another. Currently, I am running an online exhibition titled LOUD ART LIVE, to explore how music elevates art. Historically, art is a deeply multimodal artform, but in the digital age ekphrastic immersion is less immediate. I’ve seen this as an opportunity to curate an exhibition that elevates art with music, and give talented artists recognition for their work.

How can I get more involved?

Currently, subscribing means you will be the first to hear all major announcements. The first issue was released today (the 28th March)!
It’s available for print and download, and you can get a 2021 membership for £20.

I’m always on the lookout for new artists and writers… [soon] I will also be on the lookout for models… Finally, the workload is rapidly increasing so eventually I will advertise an opening for an editorial assistant.
All inquiries for these roles can be directed to

Go and check out The Record Press!