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Creative Careers: An Interview with Morgan Lloyd Malcolm


Aisling Lally

Morgan Lloyd Malcolm is a playwright and screenwriter. She is probably best known for her Olivier award-winning play Emilia, which The Globe commissioned in 2018 before it transferred to the West End in 2019. 

She joins me to discuss her experience being a writer in and out of lockdown and the industry more generally. She shares invaluable insight and advice for aspiring creatives. What strikes me, listening back, is the courage and resilience that writing for the arts requires. As Morgan puts it, when writing for theatre “you [the writer] go, here’s my heart, here’s my beating heart, I’m putting it on the stage for you to look at, what do you think?”

Throughout our chat, her sense of humour and open generosity is unmissable. It was a total pleasure to speak to her. I hope that you enjoy listening! 

Listen to the interview here: 

Morgan’s play Emilia is available to stream until 31st March here 

To listen to a monologue from Emilia: