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“It’s funny seeing the word ‘big’ associated with me”: An interview with BooksNest

Hamzah Abbas

Beth, or BooksNest as she is known online, is a successful book blogger who recently grew her Twitter account to 10,000 followers. BooksNest often reviews young adult fiction, though branches out into other genres too. I spoke to Beth about why she loves blogging and what she has gotten out of it.

“I loved looking at other people’s content and wanted to contribute to the community myself,” she tells me, when asked why she began blogging. A community of bloggers has certainly grown on Twitter, with many attending events such as YALC (Young Adult Literature Convention) together and organising a “reading retreat,” an event where many book bloggers met up for a weekend of relaxation and reading. Beth continues to grow her account now, four years after first starting, as it “brings her a lot of joy to do.”

Exciting opportunities have come Beth’s way as a result of her blog. Her highlights have been “talking on a panel in 2019 at YALC,” which she described as an “amazing experience which she would love to do again.”  Beth was also invited to the premiere of the BBC’s recent adaptation of His Dark Materials, as a result of her blogging.

When asked if she ever thought she’d make it this big, Beth modestly told me that she thought it was “funny seeing the word ‘big’ associated with me” as “there are so many creators I see as big and I am not one of them.”  Humble as ever, she continued: “I suppose a moment I realised I was actually getting somewhere was either when I hit my first 10k on Instagram or when I was nominated and then won a UKYA Blogging Award. That was very surreal, I couldn’t believe I’d even been nominated!”

Her advice to people who want to start their own blogs is “Don’t be afraid to take the plunge, go for it, don’t wait.” Beth’s words are filled with kindness, but also with realism. She warns against expecting instant success, though offers a reminder that patience is a virtue. 

Rather sagely, she adds: “Know that it will take you time and effort to build it up. Be patient with yourself and kind, but don’t give up. You’ll never know what you can achieve if you don’t start today.” 

Beth’s success in the blogging community is a testament to her hard work. She has reached 10,000 followers on various social networks and won the award for “Most Inspirational Blogger” at the UKYA Blogging Awards. Some have been following her since the start of her blogging journey, and have loved seeing her account grow whilst also receiving strong book recommendations. 

Her blog can be found here, and she goes by @BooksNest on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. It would be an injustice to call Beth just a book blogger, as her content also expands to travelling and mental health.