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Donald Trump: Twitter Cupid


Illustration by Rosie Featherstone

Jemma Carr

On June 13th 2017, author Stephen King was blocked on Twitter by US president, Donald Trump. Fellow author, J.K. Rowling came to his aid by promising to provide King with Trump’s tweets via direct message.

Picture1.jpgIn this moment, two worlds collided. Rowling and King: literary moguls united against a common cause. With their loyal army of 16.9 million followers by their side, liberality could overcome the shackles of censorship inflicted by a tyrant set to destroy everything King and Rowling held most dear.

Brought together by Trump’s tyranny, we begin the modern-day love story of two authors, both alike in policy. Behind the veil of the direct message is where we lay our scene. The seeds of love begin to grow a colony of strength, truth and liberality set to overcome injustice…

Here, I imagine the content of these promised DMs:


(Rowling to King)

Dear Steve (may I call you Steve?),

Indignation has, so often, fuelled indifference in our circles. I am often left marveling at the cruelty of the world, the atrocities of those who not only fuel the fire of injustice, but are its kindling. Now it is time to act, Steve. We must choose to denounce this tyrant. But I can’t do it without you. Donald Trump has made me question my position, you see. What am I but a mechanic of the form? I manipulate what I see in my mind into words on a page to evoke an emotion that lasts for but a moment before truth intercedes and it is forgotten, like a breath. Fiction is essential, but fleeting. But together, Steve, together we can overcome tyranny and injustice and make the world a place of political unity.

Anyway, I hope this message finds you and Tabitha well.

Pop over a message to discuss our next move. Our platform is waiting, Steve.

With love,



(King to Rowling)

Hi Jo. Yes, call me as you like. I am ready to make a difference in this world. I can no longer sit idol, waiting for change to come. Was it not MLK who said, “Let us step into the night and pursue that flighty temptress, adventure.” We can do this, you and I. Our educated and financially stable minds can rid the world of injustice.


(Rowling to King)

No, Steve, that was Dumbledore. Yes- I understand. Money aside, lets do what we can with the resources we have. Of course, I don’t wish to throw money at a problem but perhaps that is the only language the world knows in cases of injustice?

I am ready to act Steve. With you by my side we can do anything.


(King to Rowling)

Great. I am glad. Can we put this off until November? Book tour. I hope you understand.


(Rowling to King)

Course. Talk soon. Thanks.

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